Medieval Times

Forms of address for the Nobility
King: Your Majesty, then Sire
Queen: Your Majesty, then Ma’am
Prince: Your Royal Highness, then Sir/Sire
Prince: Your Royal Highness, then Ma’am

Duke / Duchess: Your Grace

Baron, Earl, Count: Right Honorable (if written), Your Lordship or My Lord,
Your Ladyship or My Lady

Knight: Sir

Hours of the day.
Prime (first hour, first bell, at daybreak).
Terce (third hour, around 9am).
Sext (sixth hour, noon).
Nones (ninth hour, mid afternoon).
Vespers (twelfth hour, sunset? About 6pm).

Secret seal: for the King’s personal correspondance and directives.
Privy seal, is for routine business, and used by his aid, the chamberlain or the Master of the Hall.
Two great seals, the chancellor’s Chauncery seal (red wax), and the treasurer’s Exchequer seal (green wax).

Medieval Times

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