Key NPCs Vandien, Malen and company have met.

The first mission; Rats, Foxes & Minotaurs, oh my!
The hamlet of Bybridge is having problems with rats. The Damien, Eron & Lloyd families are the ones having the problems. They live on the outskirts of the town.
Key figures:
Corwyn & Magnus, standard rangers assigned to the group.
Aaralon, goblin wizard
Nevan’ Myrolar, goblin shaman
Dusam Cuttingleaf, goblin master tracker and warrior
Koji, Hoji and Toji, goblin triplet trackers and ambush specialists.

Town & Country; Match makers & playing with matches.
Marcus Haredon needs help to woo the beautiful Marcella DeWinter
Master Horatio DeWinter
Master Sirencio, former rival for Marcella’s hand.
In the small town of Greensway:
Cecilia Alves is the village headwoman, strong-willed mother of 6.
Quim Pareiro is the grizzled no-non sense mill foreman.
(Lumberjacks of note: Fimbur, male dwarf, Barlgulg & Sonoghra, orc siblings, male & female).
Oakhorn, leader of the small Treant herd.

Where the Wild things are; Cutting the cheese.
At Black Eagle Fort:
Capt. James Renault

In Berell Town:
Father Gregory Peshtak at the monastery
Sheriff Black
Ult Copperthumb, dwarf blacksmith
Shanssa, the herbalist
Old Al, the mad alchemist (deceased)

The House of Betrayal; Bandits, merchants & ghosts.
Sgt. Major Hencival Mayl is dimissed from the Rangers by Lady Grayson.

At Charbury town; they stay at the Cotton Tail Inn
Master Matteus Gilbert, merchant
Gatherleigh Manor, where the Nim-Quesse sword is found.
Armis, orc bandit leader
Nyscer, human sorcerer with knowledge of Necromancy

Riding to the Rescue; Zombies everywhere!
Wyeth Clabbass, a bard of some renown met in the city of Telok.

Garick, human male, priest of Light,
Neala, alakar female, sorcereress,
Hoji, goblin ranger (one of Toji’s brothers),
Prrawrg, aka Prowl, female brinchie warrior,
Dale and Jenna, typical rangers.
And they were escorting an emissary of Galea, Lady Alda.

Laonux, caravan leader and necromancer.

The Restless Dead; The Fallen rise again!
In the small village of Essouro;
Theressa Balemont finds her uncle’s book of dark magic and raises the spectre of Kal Warlord Razul.
Her father, her fiancé Romney Kylen and his father join the Rangers.

Rotten Apples in Homestead; Uncovering secrets.
Baron Erevan, Lord of Homestead, a cousin of Lady Grayson, who’s been busy making sure supplies get to Kythros and going on hunting trips otherwise.
Ranger-Captain Deron Von Garron, commander of the local Ranger garrison. He’s bit lazy & complacent and slightly overweight (Adv. Ranger). Homestead had been very quiet & peaceful for a long time.
Ranger-Lt., Ullkish, a dregordian hunter-warrior (Adv. Dregordian Warrior, WC).
Tia, human female but look like a boy, a street beggar or thief but is actually a Black Lantern agent. Also has a place as Ranger-Capt. Deron’s cup bearer. (Adv. Spy).
Sgt. Ollar, ranger & city guard.
Ranger-Lt. Taline Chorano, former second in command (deceased).
Sgt. Agrom ‘’Scarhead’’ BloodFist, orcish city constable (dishonourably discharged and jailed).
Master Harrick McCormick, minor city official (arrested and jailed) working for the import of grain for reserves & storage. He had big gambling debts & the necromancers agreed to bail him out, on certain conditions or course.
Mortimer ‘Mort’ Holchek, candle shop owner who seemed to be involved in a plot but no firm proof had been found.
Arminias Sorec, human Mage & former Ranger, now semi-retired and act as a consultant when needed.
The former owners of the Empty Barrel; Aldus & Kyrana Lavanchy, human male & female, necromancers.

A Darkness comes to Stormwall; Remembering old friends of Silver Gate.
Father Sorrin, priest of the Light.
Brellin Feldorp, his wife, Priscilla. Their kids, Curtis, Lester and Clarissa (all deceased).
Horak, ogre warrior, taken prisoner and rescued. Member of the Wind-Howler tribe.

Deadly Aspirations.
Duke of Sarsden (heraldry symbol: A bull, argent on a field of green under a sun gold), his Grace Jonas Harrington (elite human warrior WC, more leadership & social edges & skills, one less Vigor die and more active skills). He is a tall and solidly built man with grizzeld hair and beard, and sharp black eyes. He looks like an old soldier and did serve in his youth but most of his skill lies in his perceptiveness, his decisive leadership, and his charm.

Duchess of Sarsden, her Grace Viviana Harrington.
Five children: Kherrin (18), Helen (15), Malcolm (11), Joachim (9) & Chantell (8).

Sir Colwyn, cousin to Jonas, (Jamie Lannister)
Other knights: Sir Marlon, Sir Bayard, Sir Garland, and Sir Devlin

Master Peter Galamar, Duke’s aid & chamberlain

Duke Modric Hanaran (heraldry symbol: sable Wild boar on field of white and azure), strong vocal opponent, but not as powerful as Jonas.

Duke Gerir Evor (heraldry symbol: Three sparrows, navy on a field of white bordered in navy), stongly opposes Jonas but not very vocal.

Duke Ugmar Trebalt (heraldry symbol: Two crescent moons, gules on a field of sable), long time friends but recently got into a fight with Jonas (cattle that wandered from one farm into another, and whose cows they belonged too. The matter was resolved in Duke Harrington’s favor). In the heat of the moment, he swore revenge.

Baroness Celestine Tothale (heraldry symbol: a Heron blue flanked by two spears on a field of argent), recent ally via arranged marriage of her daughter, Liana, to Malcolm.

Baron Rismak Glantri (heraldry symbol: a gold oak tree on a field of green), a nephew, and strongest and closest ally. May act suspiciously, but he believes the Rangers may be part of a plot to kill his friend Jonas.

Friends in High places in Landra’Feya
Lord Adamar Keletheryl (eldakar, a cousin to the Quo Unias),
Wife; Ariawyn,
Son; Seiveril Keletheryl,
daughter Kali Keletheryl and her fiancé Joridyn Iliphar.

Predators & Prey.
Sergeant Major Guz (ogre warior with lame left leg),
Grand Sergeant Major Kork Mindril (dwarven soldier)

Bloody Ballok (human bandit & murderer) & his associates (Ford & Terrence, both human & Kurj, an orc warrior), plus a few others.

Lt. Ullkish (dregordian hunter & second in command at the Homestead HQ)

Barony of Lord Willard Malik, which includes the villages of Riverwick and Valburn, and his small run down keep of Gravlar’s Hill. He is a widower and drinks to forget. His eldest daughter Hariette (21, plump, meek & nice), Lauren (15, plain and likes to pretend to be a boy), Gregory (7, neglected, blamed for his wife’s death, clings to Hariette).

Charlie, a woodcutter and serf of the barony.

Constable Arvick Mailer (a local law enforcement official and tax collector).

The mill’s owner, Master Albert McCormack, who is also the town’s headman/mayor.

Erdan Veynable (human alchemist, sorcerer and relatively new Ranger) & Jenna (human Ranger).

In the small village of Valburn;
Mr. Brandon Woodley, owner of Woodley’s Tavern,
Nancy, works for Mr. Woodley (early 20s, brunette, pretty),
Brice Jonelle, village reave & cattle farmer.
Urias Silverhammer, dwarven blacksmith.

Krig the ogre bandit/thug (deceased),
Anton Leberre, recurring bandit/petty criminal, captured.

Baron Erevan of Homestead, and his retinue.

The Messenger & In the Dead of Night.
Roberre, crazy old man, with periods of lucidity, and with mysterious powers.

Katrina Malbert, actrice & distraction to the Rangers (captured),
Zentharis, shayakar nightguard (deceased, but did recognize Vandien & Vanessa. He used his deathwhisper to relay this info to his guild).

Back in Kythros.
Sgt-Minor Reager, Sgt Ssukko (a dregordian warrior), Corporal Filbur Ironhand (a dwarf warrior) and the rest of his team (6).

Helroth, (see picture attached), a powerful Arch-mage from Mindroth’s Tower & keeper of knowledge of the Halls of the Well.

Friends in High places in Landra’Feya
Lord Adamar Keletheryl (eldakar, a cousin to the Quo Unias), Wife; Ariawyn,
Son; Seiveril Keletheryl,
daughter Kali Keletheryl and her fiancé Joridyn Iliphar.

Quo Unias; Cyradis Eridor
Crown Prince Kurim Eridor

At Black Eagle Fort:
Capt. James Renault; Fort commander, deceased
Lt. Bryan Oldrun, alakar druid, second in command, killed by Childer only two days earlier.

Sgt.-Minor Gurn, orc, ranking Ranger now.
Corporal Felicity Bairs, human ranger

Arden, former Ranger, runs the Black Eagle Inn.
Gretta & Tania, serving wenches
Shayna, serving wench and in love with Capt. James

Lyle Renault, brother, not at the fort but referred to a few times
Beck and Simms; strangers at the Inn,
Olag, burly trader who stayed there for a few days but left the morning the body was found.
Master Fayne, specter-mage trapped in the catacombs

Key NPCs Vandien, Malen and company have met.

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