Shaintar - A legend begins

The House of Betrayal

Bandits, Merchants & Ghosts

Shortly after their return to Kythros and their de-briefing, they hear a shouting match between Lady Grayson and Sgt. Major Hencival Mayl. Lady Grayson is trying to talk some sense into Mayl but he’s too angry about being overlooked and about Kork’s promotion instead of him. The main thing the Rangers hear is Mayl resigning his commission. Lady Grayson follows him out of her offices and orders a few nearby rangers to escort the ’’former’’ Sgt Major out of the city before nightfall.

Sgt Major Mindril then requests to see the heroes in his office and gives them their new orders. They are to patrol an area east of the city, to familiarize them with that zone since they spent a lot of time recently in the western parts. They are told to keep theirs senses peeled and to look at the information boards and see anything that they might come across in that area.

They leave early the next morning thru the east gate and the first leg of their journey is peaceful. They eventually get to the city of Tarry, file their report, restock their supplies and get more info on the locals. They then proceed north towards Telok.

They stop at the small town of Charbury’s tavern, The Cotton Tail. After about an hour, a fat little merchant runs in the main room, huffing and puffing…He introduces himself; Master Matteus Gilbert (cotton, linen and wool as well as dyes, etc.).

He has bought the old Gatherleigh Manor, just outside of town and had started work to renovate it. After a few weeks, the workers started reporting that tools & other items were disappearing and that they were hearing noises & feeling chills while working. Then, one of the workers was found dead with white hair, a frozen look of terror on his face. The other workers fled.

Matteus and his family also tried to work there but more strange events kept happening and he doesn’t want to endanger his family any further.

He beseeches the Rangers to investigate, straight away and to solve the issue so he can get back to rebuilding the manor. So they decide to investigate the area around the manor before nightfall. They did find some tracks but these could have been from recent workers and Matteus himself. They decide to come back in the morning.

The next morning, they hear that Matteus got impatient and took an old family short sword and headed to the manor, he hasn’t returned. They quickly return to the house and after a little investigation, they hear noises from downstairs and upstairs too. They decide to go down to the cellars, and the noises are more evident. Once they enter a storage room, they are ambushed on two fronts. Armis, the leader, and some goons in front and Nyscer (a sorceror who has access to necromantic magics) and the remaining bandits from behind. The goons go down like dominoes and Nyscer is taken down by a well placed arrow. Seeing his chances of escape fade, Armis surrenders.

Once the bandit leader capitulates, the Rangers kept searching for Matteus and discovered the loot of stuff they stole as well as the elven longsword, Nim-Quesse (elven for White-Feather). That’s when they were faced with the ghost of Myra, the chambermaid, who rushes after Vanessa, thinking she is Lady Elaine. She screams for vengeance as she lunges for Vanessa’s throat. Regular weapons are useless against her ghostly form but Vandien, thinking fast, drew the elven blade and swung it at the spectre. Despite not being used to the balance, he eventually dispersed her essence quickly along with Malen’s gifts from the Ascended.

They found Matteus, bound and beaten up a bit, in another room. They freed him and brought both him and Armis back to town and arranged for the stolen goods to be brought back as well.

They travelled to Telok and reported to the local Ranger Outpost and handed the bandit leader to the authorities. They stayed in a good Inn until Armis’ trial. He was found guilty and hanged at a nearby crossroad outside of the city.



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