Shaintar - A legend begins

The first mission

Rats, Goblins & Minotaurs, oh my!

It is early sping of the year of 3121, and a new class of recruits has graduated from the Grey Ranger Academy.

Malen (a korindian druid) and Vandien (a human ’’scout’’ for lack of a better word) have been paired up with two other rangers (Magnus & Colwin) and their first solo mission and final test is to go patrol the area around Krythros. Their circuit takes them in the north-west area around the Vas’lok Lake. They are to deal with any problems as they see fit. If the threat is too great, they are to assess it and report back for reinforcements as quickly as possible.

A few day into their travels, they cross path with a farmer bringing his cattle to the butcher in the next town over. He tells them that someone is having some problems with rats. Predators are nothing new to any farmer but this looks to be more than it seems.

When they arrive at the small town of Bybridge (a quaint little hamlet, with a sturdy stone bridge and a watermill nearby) they are greeted warmly by the folks there. They do gather more precise information about the rat problem. A collection of 3 farmsteads just outside of town are the ones experiencing the rodent issues (the Damien, Eron & Lloyd families). A young boy says his friend saw a rat with a sword but the adults don’t seem to believe him.
Further investigation reveals ratkin tracks and the tracks from a more humanoid creature that also walks on two legs. Mrs Lloyd admits to finding a small pouch of money next to the troughs and 2 piglets missing.

The rangers speak with everyone over supper that evening and decide to stay awake and hide during the night and hope to ambush the next raiders. They spot two groups converging towards the farms, from two different directions. Suddenly one group rushes towards the other and attacks. The rangers managed to see a difference in the creatures’ appearances. The ratzin are quickly dispatched and the other creatures who turn out to be goblins, they manage to speak to the rangers and make peaceful overtures despite their thick kalinesh accent. Dusam leads the triplets (Toji, Hoji & Eiji), that attacked the ratzin.

The rangers are escorted to the goblins’ camp where they tell their tale of exile and how they were followed to this land by the ratzin and their Minotaur leader. Aaralon (their wise-man) agrees to go back to Krythros with Colwyn & Magnus to speak to the Ranger officers about a place for them to settle.

Meanwhile, Dusam & the triplets join forces with Vandien & Malen in order to enter the childers cave lair and end their threat. They enter the cave and eliminate the sentries and then the Minotaur and his retinue. The Minotaur was tough and one of the triplets was knocked out but then Vandien finally found an opening and dealt the beast a lethal blow. Malen hurried to see to Toji’s wounds.

They all returned to the goblins’ camp to rest. The next day they all set out to meet the farmers and open friendly relationships. Since this first meeting went well, they also visited the town of Bybridge. This went very well and the other rangers & Aaralon returned with good news.

The entire goblin community prepared to move towards Krythros with their new ranger allies.

Gifts form the goblinesh: The moonlight pearl amulet for Malen: This amulet holds 5 points of essence that can be used by sorcerers or druids. Once used, its essence is restored only at the 13th hour when left under the open sky. They gave a jar of healing salve (5 uses) for Vandien.
One of the goblin triplets, Toji, owes his life to Malen and vows to follow him & protect him.



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