Shaintar - A legend begins

Journey to Eldara, part I

Sheep's Clothing

The Rangers return from Greensway, with their four prisoners. Once they’ve stabled their horses and stowed away their gear, they then file their reports about their recent activities. Sgt Guz was somewhat upset that they left without orders or much notice, but after the debriefing, he fully understands and will pacify Sgt-Major Mindril before they meet him personally.

Erdan’s time is split between crafting poppers and potions, and sparring with Vanessa, now that he’s got a brand new staff, laced with everwood. Malen gors to see his bowyer contact, with Roberre in tow. Roberre assures Malen that he can help craft the bow much faster and better than anything the bowyer could make himself. Vandien meets up with Neala who is in the city for a short while, along with Jenna.

Before leaving on his next mission, Vandien commisions from a whitesmith, a ring of white silver with an inscription, to be delivered to Neala Elsamunerys once he’s left. Vanessa helped with negotiate the price and chip in with her ugly twin’s efforts.

They are summoned to none other than Lady Valinda Grayson’s offices, where they also see Mindril, Guz and Roberre. Lady Grayson gives them a very special and secret mission, to her new Ghost Wolves. They are to escort Roberre to Eldara where he will ask the Quo Unias to contact Saiderin, so that Roberre can finally bring him his message. They will be carrying dispatches as well as a cover. They are to tell no one about their true objective, nor about Roberre, since it’s obvious that there’s at least one faction that wants Roberre captured or dead.

Once the meeting is done, they prepare their arms and armor, and check on the rest of their gear and the horses. They get some rest as they plan to leave in the morning, at first light.

Before they leave, the bowyer and Roberre present Malen with “Toji’s Wrath” bow, along with a brand new bow sheath/quiver.

When they get near Berell Town, they meet fellow Rangers, Reagar, Filbur and Ssukko and the rest of their team, just on their way back from a patrol run in the area. The two groups decide to meet up in the Town’s Alehouse, where they carouse, exchange info, but Reager especially is asking many questions about Roberre, as well as rumors that the Ghost Wolves squad has been restored to active duty.

Despite some ale being passed around, Vandien and his squad don’t reveal much or deflect some of the inquiries. Eventually everyone agrees to retire to their own rooms.

At one point in the night, Horak awakens to the smell or smoke and the noise of horses panicking. Most of our heroes follow the ogre down once he wakes them up. Vanessa climbs out the window and up to the roof.

The familiar silhouette of the dregordian and the dwarf, and at least one man can be seen and they engage the Heroes. Others assailants appear form the shadows and get surprise on our Heroes.

After an short intense fight, their foes are defeated, some are killed but a few are captured.

to be continued…



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