Shaintar - A legend begins

Galean Guests

Vandien and company are given some R&R time, and while they are all keeping busy with personal projects (Malen manages to use Laylana’s River Stones to learn the Sentry gift), they hear about the arrival of the most recent batch of Galean Knights & Soldiers for the purpose of an exchange of training and culture.

A few days later, on the 9th of Festival Moon, the Galean contingent arrives in Kythros. They display cool confidence, sharp coordination as well as much condescension and disdain towards Sgt-Major Mindril and Sgt. Guz. Vanessa steps forward to take care of the horse of one of the Lieutenant, who goes by the name of Pieron, a bowman. They chat briefly, and the man finds Vanessa quite interesting and she finds he is also worth getting to know better.

Mindril asks Vandien and his squad to keep an eye on their guests, as he suspects something is not quite right. Vandien briefs his group. Erdan attempts some magic but nothing exceptional is revealed. Vanessa invite Lt. Pieron for an evening out on the town and the two of them get to know each other quite intimately. Not much is revealed by the soldier.

And while they are on maneuvers, Vandien does a B&E into Capt. Rasul and Lt. Pieron’s rooms. The only thing he finds is a few dry fleck of blood here and there, and a couple of recent cuts in the clothing or uniforms that show recent repairs. They also check out their horses and gear, and the find some dried blood there as well. Vanessa doesn’t remember Pieron having any recent scars or wounds.

They decide to try to back track the Galean’s path. With some skill and luck they find the area that the tracks of a large group of mounted troops regained the main road. They follow that to the edge of the Silverwood forest, where they come upon a grizzly sight, over a score of bloated, and rotting bodies. The only identifying marks are some Galean military tattoos. They continue to back track and find Prelacy uniforms & gear, buried in burlap bags.

Once they’ve warned Sgt-Major Mindril, he tells them to be ready tonight during the farewell feast. When confronted by the uniforms, chaos ensues and the battle is joined.

Battered and bruised, they eventually eliminate or subdue the imposters. Luckily, they capture Lt. Hadrian after stabilizing him, as well as a few other soldiers. Once they are awake, they reveal that they were to pose as the Galeans, shake the Ranger’s confidence and try to kill as many of the high command as possible. This would of course cause much trouble between the Rangers and Galea.

Sgt-Major Mindril rewards Vandien and his group with a bounty on the gear, arms & armor as well as the mounts and their gear. Some of it will go towards the families of the actual Galeans, some towards the families of the rangers who perished and the rest to Vandien and his squad.



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