Shaintar - A legend begins

A serious discussion

After defeating Krig and his minions, and liberating the village of Valburn, Vandien decides to have a stern discussion with Baron Willard Malik. It’s time that he sobers up and return to his duties towards his lands and it’s people.

On the way to his small keep of Gravlar’s Hill, Toji expresses his concerns about his commanding officer, Vandien, about his obvious anger. When Toji was in the court of Duke Harrington and also at the court in Galea

A few things you need to know: Lord Willard Malik, baron of Graval’s Hill and of Gravlaros (the lands that include Valburn and Riverwick) is a widower but was once at least a good honourable man, if not remarkable. His eldest daughter is lady Hariette (21, plump, meek but nice. She should be married by now or at least bethroed). Lauren (15, plain looking and acts and dresses as a boy). And finally, Gregory (7, his only male heir but neglected and blamed for the Baroness’ death at childbirth. He clings to Hariette as a mother figure).

His subjects do not really hate their Lord, but do resent his prolonged mourning and lack of concern for them. The baroness, Lady Louisa, was much loved, a kind and giving person, devoted to the Ascended.

Eventually Vandien, Malen & Erdan are bid to see his Lordship. The great hall still does not live up to it’s namesake. There are few candles, the fireplace has a meagre fire, the floor still has old rushes upon it, and Lord Malik’s clothes are dirty and threadbare, he sits at an old table, eating stale bread and watered down wine.

Vandien speaks to him in polite tones, trying to convince him to sober up and be more consious of his duties, while Malen speaks his thought a bit more openly. Malik seems to get rather upset, but it seems that Vandien and Malen’s words have ignited a small spark in Hariette, his eldest. She thanks the Rangers and has her sister Lauren guide them to the kitchen to pick up whatever they wish. She will have a much more serious talk with her father.

When the Rangers are all together in Valburn, they get ready to leave towards Homestead. On the way there, they meet Baron Erevan of Homestead and his retinue. They are on their way to meet his brother-in-law Malik for a hunting expedition, but the real reason is to pound some reason into Malik’s thick skull.

Once in Homestead, they deliver their prisoners, file their report and also meet their new recruit, Horak the Tower, an ogre that they rescued near Silvergate a little while back.



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