Shaintar - A legend begins

A Darkness comes to Stormwall

Remembering old friends of Silver Gate

A darkness comes to Stormwall

When the Rangers return to Kythros, finally, a letter is waiting for Malen from the small town of Silver Gate. Father Sorrin, a priest of the Light, has sad news for his adoptive family.

(When Malen’s ship sank, after sailing away from Korindia, he washed up ashore near Silver Gate (between the cities of Coastline and Haven). He was found by the Feldorp kids, Curtis, Lester and Clarissa who then got their father Brellin. Malen was brought back to their home and his wife, Priscilla, took care of him until a group of Rangers arrived and their healer alleviated his more serious wounds.)

Ranger Malen of Korindia,

It is my sad duty to inform you that a dear friend of ours has passed away in a most tragic fashion.

Brellin Feldorp, as well as his charming wife Priscilla, and their three children, Clarissa, Curtis and Lester where brutally murdered recently. On the 8th of Thunder Hawk to be precise.

I cannot bring myself to describe the gruesome details here, but I strongly urge you to come to Silver Gate as soon as possible to both pay your respects and help us find the culprits to this heinous crime and prevent any more such attacks from happening.

Please hurry.

Humbly yours,
Father Sorrin
The Church of Light.

So Sgt-Major Mindril sends them off to Silver Gate, with official messenger packets to deliver along the way. The trip is uneventful and passes quickly.

«Silver Gate is a much smaller village than the name would suggest. It was founded over a hundred years ago and named for the silver mine it was built around. Within five short years the mine dried up and the few settlers that stayed on became wheat farmers. They have managed to make a decent living in the wheat trade over the years as they are close enough to the city of Coastline to harvest the goods and take them directly to the goods market and sell the product themselves. Cutting a middle man out means a third more profit going back the farmers of Silver Gate.»

Once they get to the town, they are greeted by Father Sorrin, He tells them of how and where the Feldorp family died. Malen goes to pay his respects at their grave while Vandien asks around the town. It’s easy to get people to talk as they want to help and stop these attacks. What they discover is that a band of creatures kills with claws and blades, and that big orc-like creatures have been seen north of town near the ruins of Stormwall

«Stormwall Keep was built over six hundred years ago as a safe haven for the coastal towns between Coastline to Haven. It was meant to give the people a safe place to fall back to if their cities were ever overrun by pirates or if they needed to weather a fierce storm hitting the bay. Over the many years and wars Stormwall Keep has been sacked by raiders and beaten down by the sands of time. Now the ruined Keep stands as a sad reminder of an age long ago.»

After investigating the old Feldorp family home and spending the night, they retrieve their horses and head towards the ruins. When they get close to their destination, they dismount and approach the castle remains. The weather is geting cloudy and rain begins to fall making it difficult to see things far away.

They see many hobgoblins clearing the rubble for some unknown purpose. They also spot a larger hobgoblin speaking to a black robed man-like figure. That’s when the arrows and spells fly. Once the initial surprise is over, the creatures rush over to the heroes’ location and the black figure hides. Three black creatures appear atop the tower ruins soon after, armed with bows, who try to slay the rangers despite the rain.

Malen’s spells of frost bolts take out quite a few, as well as Vanessa’s arrows. Toji covers Malen of course, while Vandien starts cutting thru the creatures. Once the large hobgoblin leader is within their midst, the heroes find it is a most fearsome foe, difficult to wound and potentially deadly with his black iron great axe. Malen’s gifts increases his allies fighting prowess, with both swords and bows, after seeing how tough these creatures are once corrupted.

Eventually our heroes slay all the lesser creatures and bring low their leader. They heal Omark who took a vicious hit, then tied up the hobgoblin leader.

A quick investigation of the ruins reveals there are tunnels underneath and this is where they find Horak, a battered and bruised troll, who was the next to be corrupted and turned into a Troll according to him. He is very grateful and, when asked he says he knows only that they mentioned Olin Sinta (which means Secret Knowledge, in the elven tongue) and that he seems to be the one responsible for capturing some of his brethren from a small nearby goblinesh gather (The Wind-Howlers).

Horak offers a promise of help if ever these Rangers need assistance in the future. The Wind-Howlers, Horak’s gather, are a small gather of goblinesh that used to be in the northern mountains in the Kal-A-Nar empire but refused to side with Ceyrana’s worshippers.

When they, the leaders of the Wind-howlers, hear that the Rangers stopped the necromancer’s plans, they promise to be more vigilant and to help protect the nearby communities, in exchange of other goods and services. The people of Silvergate are the first to accept this agreement, which encourages a few other small communities to do the same.



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