Shaintar - A legend begins

Trouble in Greensway, part II

Once Oakhorn has given them directions to the Circle of Standing Stones, the Rangers head out as quickly as possible that way. The sun begins to set on the 16th of Festival Moons, and two of the moons will be high in the sky, not a perfect alignment but it will lend some power to the Priests of Ceyrana’s ritual,

Very soon after Malen changes shape into an owl, the group is ambushed by ratzin archers who quickly fire at them and then melt back into the forest. Two gargoyles drop down from tree branches and attack Malen-owl, who quickly flies back down to join his friends and return to his true form.

Suddenly, a thratchen appears right next to Vandien and attacks him with both it’s blades then it disappears.

The squad decides not to follow the fleeing childer and continue towards the Stones. They eventually reach the Circle and as they spy the area, they see the intricate ritual circle glowing in angry red and orange light, seven cultist standing motionless on either side as well as one acolyte at the far end of the Stones who seems to be wearing a horned helmet under his cowl. They also see a human male, his skin covered in red cuts and welts.

Vanessa takes aim and launches her arrows and just as the first arrow is let loose and birdcall is heard and the figure disappears and reappears right next to the naked man. The acolyte is really a thratchen, who plunges it’s dagger into the man killing him and completing the ritual to summon Uggabaa the Bloody Cleaver, a large, nasty, and exceptionally wicked abyssal brute who wields an enchanted meat cleaver like axe named the Cleaver, of blood steel.

The four lumber jacks start to quake in their boots right after an Acolyte steps out from cover and throws a explosive fireblast spell at our heroes. Vanessa fires two magical shafts, in quick succession at the Acolyte, hitting the eyes. The priest of Ceyrana’s body falls as he screems in pain, and Vandien manages to taunt Uggabaa which seems to help the lumber jacks’ resolve. The fight is a tough and bloody one, and it’s made more difficult when some ratzin archers show up and a thratchen dervish also pops in. And once Uggabaa wades into melee range, the Rangers soon realize that this demon will be tough to take down, if possible at all. Their task is made more difficult when they realize it’s weapon helps him regenerate his wounds very quickly. After a prolonged battle, both the demon and the thratchen dervish fall.

The lumber jacks & the three Rangers (Althea, Rafe & Omark) who managed to catch up with their leaders, return wounded but victorious against the ratzin.

Now, what to do with this open portal to Hell that is still open? And the news that the junior Rangers saw a group of Kal warriors and childer are rushing towards the village of Greensway?



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