Shaintar - A legend begins

Three Full Moons

Three Full Moons

Our heroes get to Eldara, bloodied, bruised and battered. They were hounded by the forces of Flame almost every league they moved thru the elven woods. Sometimes they managed to avoid detection thru stealth, but other times they were forced to choose between fight and flight. They lost a few horses and supplies along the way, but, after a few harrowing days and nights, they made it to the outskirts of the elven capital and escorted by a patrol of elves to the gates, where they are greeted by the crown Prince Kurim Eridor and his retinue.

They are then shown great courtesy as they are brought to spacious rooms where they can relax, eat, drink and get clean. Attendants see to their needs, all the while the sounds of conflict all are around them. Despite the cacophony, they all fall asleep, so great is their fatigue.

A few hours later they are awakened by the silence. They are soon summoned by attend the Quo Unias Ciradis Eridor. They meet with him on a rather small ornate balcony. He bids them to sit down while he finishes with giving orders to his captains. Vandien hands over the dispatches from Lady Grayson and has the misfortune of telling the ruler that no additional help is forthcoming from the Grey Rangers.

For the delivery of simple dispatches, it would not require such a large group of Rangers, so when Lord Eridor asks about their true purpose here, it is his with a heavy heart that he tells them he has not been able to contact Saiderin the Eternal Wanderer. And in these dire times, his counsel and power would be of great help. For now they are free to stay in the citadel for as long as they like or until it needs to be evacuated.

They spend some time at their own leisure, only Malen request to speak to an elder druid for advice or knowledge about the living tree citadel. Shortly after their lunch, Toji appears with a sealed letter that his brother Koji was given by a mysterious pale elf.

The letter asks them to meet her in one of the western gardens at the late ten bells, in order to give them information about where to find Saiderin.

That evening they set out amidst the bustle of the citadel, nobody seems to pay them much attention. It seems like to presence of Grey Rangers is not an uncommon sight. They find themselves in a beautifully manicured lovers garden, with artful sculptures, fountains and topiary. From a shadowed archway, emerges a darkly cloaked elven form.

In a lightly accented Galean she tells the Rangers that she knows at least where they can find the location, where The Little Brother is caged.

They must travel to Black Eagle Fort, near Layla’s Meet. The commander has archives that includes a mine claim a dwarf filed a few years ago that mentions things not normally found in a dwarven Clanhome. This might be a Builder Citadel, hidden by powerful magic that seems to be waning now. This is where The Raven is kept.

They agree to meet up with the dark elf after they’ve gathered all their things and have passed the perimeter of elven patrols and thru various groups of Childer.

On the early morning of the 33rd of Festival Moons, both they and a large group of ratzin encounter each other along a dear path, many on both sides are surprised, but a fight ensues anyway. With a combination of arrows, blades and spells, the ratzin fall. The night of the three full red moons is full of noises and wild shadows as the forces of Flame roam the woods. Sleep is difficult reach and the next morning all Rangers are a bit sluggish and grumpy.

Later the next day, our heroes are suddenly attacked from above by gargoyles. During the melee, a thratchen dervish appears, slashes at both Malen and Vandien and disappears. Vandien stays alert for this new foe, while the rest of his squad deals with the stony assailants. But by the time all the gargoyles are dead or destroyed, Omark has fallen under their claws and Vandien only managed to cause a minor wound upon the thratchen when it reappeared one last time.

And still no sign of Treyvania.

To be continued…



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