Shaintar - A legend begins

Murder at Black Eagle Fort

Murder at Black Eagle Fort

The Ghost Wolves squad manage to stay ahead of the advancing Maelstrom & Childer forces, despite encountering various scouting/raiding parties.

They eventually meet up with Trevanya, who lets them know a bit more of the threat of the forces of Flame heading in the same direction as they. She impresses upon them the urgency of their mission and the lack of time to find what they need. She them departs as suddenly as she arrived.

The Rangers begin encountering people who seem to make their living and live their lives in the great forest. All of them are laden with as much of their possessions and are also heading to Black Eagle Fort. Vandien decides they will offer an escort to the fort. Vanessa takes the time to asks questions about the people, checking their stories and whereabouts, making sure no spies try to infiltrate the stronghold. They are also told of how Lt Oldrun was killed recently in an altercation with Childer.

Once inside, they are instructed to see Sgt-Minor Gurn, to which Vandien asks, what happened to Capt Renault? He simply told to ask Gurn.

The entire fort is busy preparing for a siege. They stable their horses and gear and them go see Gurn, the now ranking Ranger of the Fort. He is at the gates wit Corp. Bairs overseeing things and giving orders.

The orc commander bring them up to date, hoping they are the advance scouts of reinforcements. Sadly, no. He is disappointed but not surprised. They tell him they need to look thru the archives for a claim to a mine filed a few years ago.

He gives them the permission to search, but while they are here he also requests that they investigate the murder of Captain Renault, who was killed just last night.

Horak, who managed to catch up with the squad, and Vanessa head to the archive rooms and Vandien & Malen inspect the captain’s offices and rooms. Meanwhile, Toji and Roberre, and the rest of the squad help in the Fort’s preparation.

The Rangers discover the following things;
1- Nothing special is found in the Captain’s rooms
2- At the Inn, where the body was found and where it’s being kept, find puncture wounds but no blood and frostbite marks on his neck, in the shapes of long fingered hands.
3- In Shayna’s room, where the body was found they detect a lingering Darkness and frostburn marks on the wall where the body leaned.
4- Shayna was asked by the trader Olag to lure the Captain to her room, under pretense that she had info about his brother Lyle.
5- Vanessa and Horak didn’t find the claim papers as they seemed to have been ripped out of the ledgers, but saw animal paw prints indoors.
6- Vandien speaks to Beck & Simms who also wanted to speak to the Capt. but locked themselves in their room since the murder. They reveal that they are Black Lantern agents and wanted to see if Lyle left some info with his older brother.
7- In Olag’s room they find some wolf-like fur and a small parchment with a sketch of statuary, different from the regular statuary in the Fort’s hallways.
8- A few people mention that Olag gave off a weird vibe, and he left very early that morning.
9- Corporal Bairs reveals that she found mangled deer and boars outside, about a league est of the Fort, and large wolf paws.

The Rangers discover the statues that resembles the sketch and pull the torch sconce and reveals a secret door to further underground tunnels. Here they hear a hollow voice wailing against a recent betrayal from the werewolf, who tricked him into killing the Capt for him.

The voice comes from a spectre, trapped in the fortress. It detects intruders and a tough fight ensues. And both Vanessa and Vandien are frightened by the sight of the grim ghost and spend the early part of the fight cowering in fear. Eventually, the spectre abandons any strategy and tries to finish Malen off, thus allowing the Rangers to defeat it and put it to rest.

A quick search of the catacombs-lair reveals a laboratory/library (various books, scrolls, reagents, etc) and in the burial chamber they find the body of Master Jarvis Fayne (along with an enchanted dagger, a magical rod and about 200 gold pieces worth of gems and jewelery).

Malen performs a simple ritual to hopefully pout to rest the spectre’s soul, before heading back up to the surface.

It seems that the Rangers must be ready to hunt a werewolf in order to retrieve the mine claim papers.



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