Shaintar - A legend begins

Hunter Hunted and Finding the Crucible Mine

The Rangers get ready to hunt some werewolf, and gather as much information on such creatures as they can. Roberre has even prepared a few items that might help stave off the curse of lycanthropy if needed.

They leave Black Eagle Fort quickly before it’s surrounded by the forces of Kal-a-Nar & Childer, pick up Morg’s trail and head west, but after a few minutes they are met with Trevanya the dark elf.

She asks if they found what they were looking for and Vandien tells her that they did not, the papers were torn out and stolen. Trevanya suspects that Morg most likely has them and tells him that he is heading due west and that she can help them avoid the patrols of Flame in order to reach their prey. She doesn’t hide the fact that she needs them to stop Morg and reunite Roberre and Saiderin.

Trevanya’s veil does seem to shield them from the eyes of the enemy and they make good time, resting only for a short periods. They reach the western edge of the woods and see in the distance the form of a large wolf running for the shore. They also spot, the silhouette of a 3 masted ship as the sun sets over the waters, anchored a short distance.

The Rangers spur their horses on, and as they reach a bridge over a fast flowing river they hear a wolf’s howl and the answers of more wolves further away. From the cover of some thick woods on the far side of the bridge, Morg taunts the heroes and then emits a frightening Howl, shaking almost everyone except Toji and most if the horses (except Vandien’s). The Rangers manage to dismount quickly without harm and let the beasts flee (again except Vandien’s). Then Morg rushes out of the woods with a large piece of bark and pushed Vandien’s mount to the bridge planks but Vandien managed to avoid getting hurt. Then the battle is joined.

Vandiens inspires his allies, swipes at the creature’s legs while Vanessa and Toji fire their white silver tipped arrows. One of Toji’s arrows strikes Morg’s jaw and he snaps the shaft of the offending projectile before spitting it out. Afterwards Malen summons an Ancient Bear which grapples and pins their large werewolf opponent. After an intense fight, Toji finally puts the werewolf down with a well placed arrow thru the eye. The last surviving garou of the pack, turns tail and runs. Vanessa only manages to graze it before it disappears.

Vanessa looks thru Morg’s belongings, now that he’s in a human form, and finds the papers that mention the location of the mine. Meanwhile, Malen and Roberre tend to Vandien’s wounds. Luckily for him, Vandien was spared the curse of lycanthropy (there was a 95% chance of being infected, and I rolled a 96).

The Rangers gather their gear and their horses, and make their way towards the Korg Humps. Passing thru Tolm and Korg where that replenish their supplies and acquire some mountaineering gear as well. They also ask around about the hills and the Maklo’s Peak in particular. They eventually find the markers that the dwarf Hamner Crucible left that indicate the direction of the mine. And on the 11th of Dancing Clouds, they find an entrance to the mine. This was a small dwarven mining settlement centuries ago, but for some reason it was abandoned. The Rangers find evidence of fairly recent tracks of dwarven feet, wheel tracks, and a set of human sized boots as well. Tracking them to a little used part of the mine, they discover part of the tunnel was excavated and lead thru a short twisting tunnel, to a strange round door with equally strange symbols and designs, as well as 3 dials on each side.

Malen was able to discern that ancient powerful magics hid this tunnel and door, but it is fading. And Vanessa vaguely recalls rumors and legends about a race of ancestors or cousins to the dwarves. Vandien examines the doorway, the columns and the dials and manages to find the position that the previous group used. The motion of mechanisms are heard…

…and we will discover that lies beyond, at a future session.



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